Toy Race Challenge

You might think that kids aren't serious while they are playing, but they are very serious. For them, it is more than just playing as they are doing the best thing that they could do. That is how serious they are while playing. Some kids gather to play a race game and they would get some form of reward from it somehow. Of course, it is not that big, but the prize is enough for them to do their best. Every kid in town want to join since they all want to be hailed as the best. But, that is not the case as not everyone was lucky enough to be selected since the race calls only for the best racer in town.

The idea here is to win the race, regardless of whatever vehicle you pick. It would be all up to you on which toy you would like. The game might look easy, but is not the case as soon as you have played it. Driving is serious and as such, you need to take this game serious since you could easily be beaten by the other contestants in the game. The game would be harder, but definitely more exciting as you make some progress.