Toy Story Truck

The toys are moving to their new place within the house and everyone asked Woodey to be the driver of the truck. They know that they are in safe hands when Woodey is around. He has proven it time and time again in the past. Woodey would do everything to make sure that his friends would be safe. Sure, they can ask Buzz, but the latter is busy with some of his new friends from Star Command. They just can't take away his happiness and ask him for a favor that will get Buzz to be away with some of his friends from Star Command.

Drive the truck as fast as you can till you reach the destination. The road ahead won't be easy since there are many other toys that are lying and you need to drive through them to get to the new place. Try not to lose any of the toys or at least make sure that you can deliver one of the them to the new place. The game gets harder and harder based on the progress you made. There are no timer in the game, so try to make sure that you won't let any toys to fall out of your truck. Getting there fast is not a requirement.