Toy Trucks

The world is vast, but it is bigger in the eyes of the kids since they have to look up to everyone around them. Now, how about the toys?

You might say that non-sense, but, do you really think that they can't do anything without any kid playing them. Whenever, no ones around them, they continue with their lives and they function according to their roles. IN the eyes of those toys, everything is much bigger than they are. For a toy truck, traveling around the garden seems to be a road trip already because they are so little.

in this game, you will experience how to drive a toy truck. Everything around you seems to be giant. Drive your truck as fast as possible, but always keep safety precaution in mind whenever you are driving. The road ahead is tricky and your truck will take damage. There are nothing to collect in this game. Also, no power-ups that can help you. It all depends on your driving ability to get to your destination. Try balance you truck at all times, so your truck won't take damage. If your truck takes too much damage then it will crash and you lose the game.