Tractor Farm Racing

For a farmer, a tractor might have been the best equipment that he have as he use it for almost everything. Aside from flowing the fields, he also uses it to deliver the farm produce to the market. Just attach a trailer at the back and you can deliver the produce to anywhere you want to. The same tractor can also be use for some leisure ride in the countryside. It is indeed one of the best equipment that a farmer could have. But, can this be use for some racing event? Perhaps it can be use, but you won't see one of those races since there won't be anyone interested in seeing it.

Fortunately, anything is possible in a game and this game is just for tractor racing. The idea here to reach the finish line first, so you need to do what you can do to end up in first place. There are two other tractors that you need to compete against, but it is not impossible to win. Just make sure that you won't slow down. There are obstacles that might slow you down, but the same obstacle could also slow down your competitors. The game gets harder and challenging as you move from one level to another.