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Tractor Parking Mania

Farmers like to use the tractor for most of their activities as that is the only equipment that they would need in the field and in everything else. Well, most of the time, farmers can't buy another machine that would be their sort of transportation and their tractor can do it. Of course, you do understand that these farmers are not some rich folks, who can buy anything they want. They use the money on a lot of things and there won't be hardly enough for them to use on buying another equipment.

In this game, you need to drive and maneuver the truck to where you want to go. That means that you need to drive the tractor all the way to the field. Make sure that you won't hit anything along the way or the tractor would take damage. If it can't take anymore damage then it would simply crash. The idea here is to maneuver the tractor to the field. You would need to park the tractor close to it and you would get another instructions to plow the field. Try to plow the field and as soon as you finish doing that then you can head on back.