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Tractor Rally

We all know that a tractor is made for digging soil int the farm, but most farmers also used it to transport the harvest and also as a transportation. They don't want to spend another dime on buying another vehicle just for that. Their earnings are not that high, so they would rather use it for other things than to buy another vehicle. Besides, what would they do with the other vehicle and the tractor has a powerful engine. A tractor is all that they ever need in everything that they do. However, one thing that they don't do with a tractor is to use it in a race.

However, in this game, that rule is broken as the tractor here is use for a race. Drive you tractor as fast as you can. Each time you pass between two poles, its lights went out. The idea of the game is pass the finish line several times. There are no time limit in this game, but the score that you will get dwindle down each passing second. If you didn't turn off the light of one of those pole then you need to go all the way to turn it off. A complete lap is when you turned off all the lights. The lights turned on once you passed the finish line.