Tractor Trial 2

Tractors are mainly use in the farm to till the land, but since you can't expect too much money coming from a farm, farmers also them for transporting goods and sometimes people to their destination. They have powerful engine, which enable them to accomplish the job. That is the same reason, why farmers use them for almost all kinds of job in the farm. In the farm, you don't need to much luxury in your life as you won't be earning as big as those in the city. Besides, almost everything is free or affordable in a small town. Life in a town is much simpler compared to that of a big city and you don't have to earn too much on order to have a descent life.

In this game, you don't use the tractor to do anything as you would just be driving it to get to where you want to go. Drive the tractor as fast as you can, but make sure that you won't forget to drive with safety in mind. Even if you are driving something like a tractor that owns a powerful engine, you won't get far if you won't drive with some safety precautions. The road is located near mountains, so expect everything around you would be full of mountain. This is a test of how well you can drive a tractor in such environment.