Tractors Mania

A farmer doesn't earn much, so it is just wise for them to utilize most of the machines to the fullest. If they only have a tractor then don't expect them to buy any other machines that functions the same. For them , a tractor serves them to till the land and as a mode of transportation. They would use it to deliver their farm produce to the market and anything else. They would use it to go anywhere since it can carry them to where they want to go. That is how useful a tractor to them.

In this game, a tractor is use for delivering things to them or to any place they would use it. Also, it can help them travel to where they want to go.

Drive your tractor as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. If you have a cargo, make sure that nothing happens to it while you are driving along the road. The highway is made on the mountain, so expect that it would be hard to move on. Grab the stars while you are on your way to the finish line for added points. The game doesn't have any time limit, but getting to the finish line early, gives you some added bonus points.