Tractors Power 2

In the farm there would be a lot of farm animals and plants. Most of the people close to it are involve in farming and they aren't going to change that since they inherited the land from their parents. For them, nothing is better than to make money from the land, which their parent gave them. They would do that as long as they have the strength to do it. If they have too, they would deliver the farm produce themselves to the market to make some money and buy whatever is needed in the farm. Don't take it wrong, you won't get hungry in the farm since you can plant all the vegetables you want and herd a few animals.

This game is about farming, but you won't need to take care of the farm since it is taken care of. What you need to do here is to get on your tractor and run over any of the farm animals and vegetables standing in your way to the finish line. This is kind of wasteful, but that is the objective of the game. You would unlock powerful tractors as you go to the next level. The game would get more challenging as you make your progress.