Traffic Jam City

The city is a busy place not only because there are lots of people working in an office, but also the fact that there are all sorts of vehicles. Traffic is the price of progress and we must deal with it since most of us like a progressive city. In a large city, you could easily have some problem with traffic as there are many people in the city. Most of these guys have their own vehicle and they ain't sharing it with others. Instead, most of the guys in the city thinks that it is a fashion statement to have a car. In this game, you won't be riding a vehicle, but you would surely be the one controlling the vehicles on the road. In short, it is your job to make sure that none of the vehicles get an accident on the road. The game is played with a mouse and you need to click on the vehicles to make it run faster. It depends on your judgment on what vehicle would you make run faster to avoid collisions between vehicles. Aside from controlling the speed of the vehicles, there are also other modes that you can use to control traffic. You would earn money from controlling traffic and you can spend it to upgrade some specials.