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Traffic Mania

Everyday most people deal with traffic and they can't avoid them since most of them need to go to their job or whatever it is they need to go. They need to use the road. Since there are lots of vehicles that are using the road at the same time, road traffic takes place. This is the time when those vehicles can't even move an inch. A good solution to this is the traffic police men or the traffic lights, which vehicle owners must need to obey. Of course, there are those that don't obey the traffic rules and the traffic police are after them. They are sent to prison or they are to pay some amount, so that they won't do that again.

There are not enough traffic police in the country, so the traffic lights are invented. Of course, there are cops nearby for those that won't obey the traffic lights. Traffic lights are there to make the job of traffic police much easier than it is. If there are no traffic lights then they need to do personally and they would just get tired since doing traffic all day and all night is hard. Those vehicle owners would surely get angry if they can't get to their destination on time.

This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to control the flow of traffic, therefore, you would need to trigger the traffic signs. You would need to stop or make the vehicle run. Just remember that you can't let the vehicle halted for a long time since the vehicle owner would get angry. The whole idea here is to control the flow of the traffic. As time passes, there would be more vehicle passing through and you need to do your job as fast as possible.