Traffic Turbo Racing

There are no telling whether you would get an accident on the road or not since there are lots of car and not all of them would follow traffic rules. It would be wise for you to be vigilant the whole time you are driving your car as you can't trust your life to someone on the road. The whole idea of safety driving is being cautious on what could happen to you along the way. You need to be aware of your environment always as some drivers are not that cautious and they might be the start of a road accident. Being cautious doesn't mean that you are a freak since you are just trying to protect yourself from any road harm. The game is played with a mouse and you need to click on most of the cars to do some actions. This game is different from other games with the same idea since there are modes that might help you overcome the challenge. Each car that you are able to get through the traffic earns you money. The whole idea of the game is to make things safe for everyone. You can use different modes that might help you or not.