Transformers Race

Bumblebee and the other transformers have been arguing a lot about who is the best and fastest racers among the car transformers. No one would want to sit it down and let the others brag about how good they are. So, Optimus Prime and Megatron agreed that it is time to settle it once and for all. They are going to settle it with the good old stuff. They would have a race and let it the race say who is the best. Of course, whoever wins it is the fastest racer and no one can’t argue with that anymore. At least, once that is all settled then no one would be talking about it and everyone would just go on their way.

No one would want to pass it out, but this race is only for those transformers that can transform into automobiles, so not everyone can join. Transformers are robots in disguise and they aren’t going to blow up their cover just because they want to determine who is the fastest among them. Being fast is not the only way to shine. There are a lot of opportunities to outshine someone, but it is not important because most of them knows that they would always be especial on their own way.

In this game, the transformers battle in a race to determine who the fastest racer in town is. In the beginning, you only have Bumblebee as your choice, but after every five rounds, you would have other choices and they would be much faster. Don’t worry as you won’t be losing the booster if you change your car choice. Don’t’ bother figuring out to transform since there’re is nothing to fight in this game. This is a race and so you need to focus on that.