Treasure Truck

A job in the big city is not for everyone as some people would rather go for the one time big time. They believe that it could make them rich faster compare to working in a desk sitting all day. They want adventure in their life and they can’t get it if they are just going to sit on the front desk all day. Al least, when you find some gold or other valuables one time then you would have lots of cash. Well, at least, that is what you think. In life, you need to gamble if you want to be someone.

You are filled with dreams, but it seems that your dreams are not that easy, that is when you got an idea. You are going to convert your old truck into a truck that not could only locate the treasure hidden beneath, but also could grab it without any hassle. So, you work day in and day out on your dream. You might spend some cash today, but you know that you could get it in just months as this truck would double your chances of finding treasure beneath the ground. Well, that is a great investment on your part. At least, you are not wasting your money on something unneeded.

In this game, you need to collect some treasures underneath, but the only way that you could get the treasure is through the hooks from your truck. You need to park your car above the treasure and grab the treasure with the hook. Of course, you can’t grab the ones that are too deep, even if you can see it i=on your radar. That is the importance of upgrading as you make some cash from hunting treasures. Make sure, that you only grab the treasures since the wrong one would be deducted on your hard earned cash.