Truck Bonanza Game

Life as a truck driver is never easy because you need to carry a lot of weight in your shoulders before you can put it on the truck. Even if you got someone to help you, you can expect that you would need to carry some of the heavy load yourself at some point. You might not be paid doing that, but you would surely not be able to go on your destination if you are not able to finish the loading process. Sure, your assistant would carry most of the load and that is why; they are supposed to be bigger than you.

You are a truck driver and you have been the business for quite some time now. You got someone to help you carry the load to the truck and life is better now than it was before. You can say that you are part of the company for some time now and you are one of the pioneers. Now, you have an assistant that would help you with delivering the cargo to the destination. He might not be doing the driving, but he should help you with the carrying of the load. You are truly bless now and your job is lighter than it used to be.

In this game, you need to get to your destination as fast as you can. You might think that it is easy to do that since there are no obstacles along the way. However, that is where you are wrong since the obstacles in this game is the mountain. They might not be considered as obstacles in most games, but in this one, they are. The idea here is to get to the destination point as fast as you can. Of course, the game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress.