Truck Champ

One of the hardest vehicle that you can drive is the truck since it is massive. You would need to prove that you can drive more than just a car since it is harder to control compared to most vehicles that you see on the road. And for that reason alone, you won't see any stunts done with the truck. No one would attempt that since everyone knows that it would be much dangerous. Actually, no stunts have been made with trucks since that would be stupid. Even veteran stuntmen would shy away from doing it simply that would be too dangerous even for them.

Fortunately, you can do that in this game and enjoy the thrill of doing stunts with a truck without any consequences. Well, at least, you won't have to deal with the real thing. In here, you can do some stunts and a lot of things with your truck. The whole idea here is to reach the finish line as fast as you can. Grab some coins while you are at it since you can use it to buy upgrades for your truck later. The game would be much harder and difficult as you make some progress.