Truck Coloring

Truck driving is one of the hardest profession not because it needs a lot of thinking, but because it doesn't have much to do with thinking. It is almost physical labor and you would get tired in a hurry. You need to be physically fit to be on your game for the rest of the long driving hours. That is why; most truck drivers are big and bulky since they need the energy and strength to do their job. Fortunately, you are just a boy since you are playing this game and you won't need to work since you got your parents to do that for you.

Anyway, this game is for kids who like to play truck coloring with their coloring books. It can be played with a mouse and the idea here is to change the color of the truck to the ones that you like the best. This game won't be finished if you don't want to. Only you can end the game since you can decide when to end the game. There won't be any levels in the game and there are no timers that would require you to hurry up with what you are doing.