Truck Destroyer

You are a world renowned martial artist. For years, you have studied martial arts and now that you have achieve your childhood dream. Is there something else to do, as there are no more enemies that could rival you. Finally, it hit you, you can do other impossible things. This would not only game you more fame, but also lots of money since rich people would be investing on your skills. This would also help you to become better at martial arts. This would also prepare you as you are planning to participate in the world championship underground tournament. In that, tournament, everything goes so you need to trained hard for that or you will could lose your life immediately.

The idea here is to kick the truck until it is fully destroyed. You only have sixty seconds to do that. Kick the truck so you can fully charge your special skills. Use it when you have full charge and you will see the difference in your kicks. They will be faster than before. Other than that, you will also have the special move, which will help you to destroy the truck even faster. Do it over and over again till you destroy the truck or time runs out.