Truck Farm Frenzy

Life in the countryside is not for everyone as it harder than a city life. You need to work harder compared to that of the city. Tilling the land is not easy, so you would need a tractor above all else. That is the first machine that you would need if you want a farm life. Once, you are able to have a nice life at the farm then you could buy other things like a truck to be able to deliver the farm produce with no hassle. Tractors can be use for delivering produce, but you can't expect a smooth ride on it. You would encounter lots of problem if you are using it to deliver some produce to the market. That is why; it is recommended that you get a truck to deliver your farm produce since trucks are made for the road and tractors are use to till lands.

Your goal is to get to the finish line as fast as you can. Try to balance your truck while driving the truck as you could easily get an accident in the terrain you are in. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress.