Truck Killer

A road can be the most dangerous path of your life if you don’t know about the vehicles that is going through it every day. It could be a battlefield since there are some crazy guys that seems to own the street and they don’t care about human lives. The only thing that they know is that they want to own the road and they would not want to see others on it. Of course, the road is meant for all of us to be use, but some people think that they more than other people just because they are rich. They would do all they want if no one would stand up against them. Fortunately, we have the cops to deal with those kind of people.

On the road, you would mostly cars and other vehicles using it every day, but you would seldom see a monster truck on it since they are too dangerous. Only a handful people use those trucks since they are way too massive and would cause too much destruction on the road. Of course, it would be so cool to have them, but driving them is another story as their massive body makes it harder to maneuver. When you are on the road, you need to control your vehicle to the fullest.

This game is all about monster truck and the idea here is to get to your destination as fast as you can, but your fuel would not last long as that is the mechanics of the game. Aside from that, there would be lots of bomb that would destroy your truck. But that is not the only problem that you would have in this game since there are other monster truck that would like to destroy you. The idea here is to concentrate on your course as you only have a short time and you need to get to the finish line before your fuel runs out.