Truck Market

Your whole world relies on the market since you are the middle man and if you aren't going to deliver some stuffs to the market then you won't get paid and you won't be able to pay fora anything necessary in your life. Well, for you, that is not a problem since your business is booming and everything is just right on the alley. The market demands some goods and you need to get it there as fast as you can since other competitor might step in. If that happens, you would lose some valuable client and you won't earn anything at all.

Business is booming right now and good for you since, there are more orders that are going in. One client needs some buns while others need noodles and so on. You don't have to worry about the supply since you know a lot of supplier and you just need to another if one supplier don't have what your client needs. As a middleman you can add your own price in the goods itself, in short you would have more money if you are able to deliver more. The more order, the better it is for you. One thing that you should not do and that is to let the goods go to waste as you deliver them.

In this game, you need to deliver some goods to the market. You need to drive as fast as you can and try not to let any of those goods fall down. You make money from each one of them and so, you make more money if you manage to deliver all of them. If you can't avoid goods falling off the ground then at least, try to deliver the required numbers to be able to pass and get to the next level.