Truck Racer

Everyone knows that in the world of racing, you need to get ahead of your competition. That means that you need to get ahead of every other vehicle. You need to come up as the top dog in the race. Third sport is alright, but that won't make you popular in the world of racing. This also applies when it comes to truck racing. Though, there are no such thing yet, every truck driver will do that. Some people might resort to dirty tactics, but that is who they are.

Drive your truck as fast as you can and try to get ahead of everyone. There are no power ups in the this game, but this game will give you a realistic idea of a real race. The view will be an aerial shot and the turning will be easier compared to other race with the same view. Other trucks will bump unto you to slow you down. They won't be giving you a free ride on this game and give their position to you. You need to outsmart them. Whenever you are closing in, expect that they will come to bump you and slow you down, but that is where the fun starts in this game.