Truck Racing Madness

Life is hard and we need to do whatever we need to in order to live. Most of us would love to work for a company, but that isn’t the case for you as you like the thrill and racing can provide that adrenaline that you have been longing for. As a professional racer, you use any vehicle that is needed to participate in a race. It is an exciting and for you this is what life all about is. When you heard about a race that uses truck, you said to yourself that you just need to participate in the race since this is the first of its kind. Sure, you haven’t done if before and you are not a master, but most of the participants would be in your situation too.

Nobody knows on when such race originated, but one thing is sure, you need to win it if you want to get the prize money for yourself. This is your chance to make money since you have been living that dream a for a long time now. Now, it is at your hand, you know that you should not let it go. A race like this might not happened again.

In this game, the race mechanics are different from most of the other races. You need to arrive at the finish line first. Sure, it looks normal, but there is a twist and you might be shock when you first play it. You might now know that you are in a race since no one is the other side of the track, but the game has full of surprise. You would see the other truck at the end of the race. If he beats you to the finish line then you would lose. The mechanics is that you would race on different area.