Truck Rush 3

A truck can be the fastest vehicle on the road, but you won't see it often since most of the driveway has a speed limit. Once, a truck reaches that speed limit then the driver will be stop and his driver license will be confiscated. But, that won't stop some of the hardheaded truck drivers in the world since they feel they are like the king of the road. And in some cases, they are the ones that are involve in most road accidents. That is what happened if you're a truck driver, who are always on a rush.

However, in this game, you need pick up speed as soon as you need it. This is rush season and you need to be fast or your truck will be destroyed by the blocks that goes up and down. You need to have timing on your side to make sure that you make it to the other side. The game is played via mouse and you need to drive your truck as fast as you can once given a a chance. You don't create a chance for yourself, but you need to wait for it before you can go on or else, your truck will be crush.