Truck Surfer

In the trucking industry, one of the taboos that you need to avoid is to lose the cargo. That would certainly put your job in danger. In some instances, the driver gets fired on the spot. The company don't want to harbor any employee that is incompetent and is not capable of handling their job. In fact, this is practiced in all kinds of company. Only a few company would tolerate their employees to be that incompetent and wait until they mature. If you are lucky enough to find such company then consider yourself lucky.

This game is harder than most truck games that you have played before since this incorporate truck and surfing games at the same time. This doubles the danger while driving on the road. The game is played via mouse and you need to balance your character all the time until the truck reach the finish line. Press the collaborating key to balance your character. That won't be easy since balancing is never an easy task and with the scenario a new thing, this even makes it harder since most gamer won't be familiar with the situation. Luckily, there won't be any time limit in the game.