Truck Vendetta

In every race, the winner gets the most of the reward money. And every racer aim to win the race, but sadly, there can only be one winner. Fortunately, some race allows each racer to win part of the money. The money that they take home depends upon their ranking in the race.

The sad truth about racing is that it is impossible to see a truck racing since these vehicles are hard to maneuver. Even experience car racer would have a problem maneuvering it. Despite its speed and power, its huge body poses a problem for the racer since it would only get in the way. Besides, how could you think four truck fits on the road. For sure, that would be disastrous since these vehicles are huge and racers don't give way to their rivals.

Drive your truck as fast as you can till you cross the starting line for the fifth time. The game has a timer, but you won't need that to win the level and advance to the next level. You just need to get the number one spot in order for you to advance to the next race. In each level, you will compete against the same characters.