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Truck Zombie Jam Game

Zombies are bad news since they are man eating cannibals. No one knows where they come from, but one thing is sure that they are not something to be messed around. If you see one of them, don’t approach them as they would attack and devour you. You need to get away from there as fast as possible. The only positive side about them is that they aren’t that fast, so if you see one, don’t let them come close to you. Don’t investigate as the best option is to run as fast as you can. However, some zombies are evolving and they have the ability to run. Now, if you have been in the track and field then you can run fast faster than anyone.

If you are inside the house and you see some zombies then you need to call in the police and not get out of your house since those dead ones aren’t something to mess with. Don’t boast that you can run faster than anyone as you would be eaten alive if they catch you. If you manage to survive then you would be one of them and people would be hunting you for sure. If you have a vehicle and you want to travel then use it and stay there.

In this game, the idea is to get to the finish line as fast as you can. You have a limited fuel and it would be best to get there as fast as you can. There are zombies on the road and they would surely slow you down. Concentrate on the task at hand and try to get to your destination. There are lots of money along the road. You need to collect most of them as you can use them to buy some upgrades for your truck. You are going to use a lot of them.