Trucking Zombies

It all started when scientists were looking for a cure for baldness. Soon after, the scientist did found a cure, but the catch is that the user will die and will turn into zombies. The zombies bite people so it is easy for them to infect healthy people. In just two weeks, the whole city is filled with zombies and there is nothing left to do than to escape the city. Three truckers realized that there is no hope for their city so they decided to leave. They know that they should band together in order to escape the zombie plague. The three hop in their trucks and left the city, but they were chase by these ghouls.

Shoot the zombies that are within your range. Should you need to reload your weapon, there are two other men that you can switch into. Choose one of the other two until his ammo is depleted, switch into the other to let him reload his gun. The zombies will keep on chasing you so you need to keep on firing at them. Defend all the trucks since you control all of the three trucks. You’ll earn money on every kill. You can use the money for upgrading your weapons and for repairing your truck.