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Trucks of War

You might see two strongman pulling a rope opposite ends. Whenever they are pulling, you know that they are giving their best to pull the other to get pass the marked line. Whoever is the stronger between the two wins the challenge and gets to bag the most money. Now, like people, there is also a challenge like this in the world of monster trucks. Same rules apply and this won't be easy for either trucks. This is a tug of war , except the two participants are trucks.

The idea of this game is like the tug of war as you pull the other to the marked line. There is no way that you could cheat since this game is a game of strength. In the case of this game, you need to press the button "A" rapidly to win. You can play this with a friend or just by yourself. Same rules apply whenever playing alone or with a friend. if you choose to play alone then you will be fighting against an AI. The game gets harder and harder as the AI becomes better after the last level.

Are you ready to win some tug of war between two monster trucks?