Tune your Monster

A monster truck are among the biggest truck that you could see. Though, it is not the biggest truck, it is considered as a monster as it is made for the toughest environment. Most of the time, it is use in the mountain since there are less people and structure. You don't want to drive that in a city since an accident might occur. With its big body and wheels, you can expect that it is not the driver that is going to get injured. the bystander and pedestrians are in trouble. The only time that you could see such in a city is when they are use in stunts. And since, these trucks are huge, you can expect that it is accumulating huge dirt. Now, that it is dirty, the owner knows that it is time that it would be send to the washroom.

Drive your truck to the washroom. There, you would receive some suggestion from the computer. Actually, it is not a suggestion as you are required to do it as you don't get to advance if you don't. After cleaning the monster truck, you need to modify it according to the client's want. There is a scoring involve in here whether you [pass or not.