Tune your Truck

A truck always delivers cargoes to its destination and you can expect the wear and tear going on almost every day. It needs some tuning, so it would work like a brand new vehicle. Though, it might not run as smoothly back when it was new, it would surely look good. Any truck driver would be happy to drive it again. A truck driver asks you to tune in his truck for him and he wants you to follow the instruction he has given you. Of course, you need to clean it before anything else since the truck is covered with dirt.

A truck driver ask you to tune in his truck and you need to do as you where told or you failed the game. The game can only be played with a mouse. Start your engine and go to the carwash room. Don’t worry about not knowing what to do since the game will guide you through. After that, you need to drive the car to the new station, where it would get treated. Of course, the same procedure follows over and over again until you are finished cleaning the truck. After that, comes the tuning part and you need to remember what is told to you or you fail the game.