Unblock Ambulance Car

The hospital is one of the busiest places in the world since there are lots of work there. Doctors need to save countless patients, staffs and nurses work together to make the work for doctors much easier. The ambulance driver brings the patient in that are not able to get to the hospital because of medical issues. They make sure that these guys are able to get to the hospital safely. That is why, you often hear a siren on the road because the ambulance is at work. They need the siren to clear the road because lives is at stake and they could lose the life of a person if they can't bring them on time. In this game, the idea is to get out of traffic. It seems that the ambulance is caught in the middle of a traffic and it needs to get to the hospital. However, instead of the siren doing most of the work, you would need to control most of the vehicles around you to free the ambulance and get out of the road into the hospital. The game would be much more challenging and would be more difficult as you make some progress.