Urban Crusher 3

A farm boy thinks that life is easy in the city. For him, life in a small town is not for him, since he always work to eat three times a day, but little did he know that life is harder in the city. In the city, you might not even eat three times in a day even if you work as hard when you are working in the small town.

That is the harsh reality of life. Driving a monster truck in the city might be twice as dangerous when you are driving it in the mountain. At least, you don't have to worry about getting into an accident since there are not many residents in the mountain.

In this game, you will find how hard it is to drive a monster truck in the big city. The idea in this game is to drive your monster truck through the obstacle and arrive at the finish line safely. You don't need to drive as fast as you can since there is no timer in this game. Grab some stars to get more points. You have unlimited trucks in this game, but there are no checkpoint. You will start at the very beginning of the level if your truck crash in this game.