Urban Truck

Monster truck are simply great since they are that durable and since they are made for the toughest environment, you can bet on it that they would last long. They are made for the roughest of roads or you can say that they are more suitable for the mountain since those trucks are durable and bouncy. They would just bounce up if they landed from a high place. Their tires are that big since it is needed to support the weight of the truck. Also, it ensures that it can run through any terrain. The engine is powerful since most of these trucks are run off road, wherein there are lots of high places.

However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t see them in an urban environment, wherein lots of people live. These trucks are made for showing off after all. These truck are made for stunts since they are durable and most likely, fans hasn’t seen one. When they see something that huge in the city, they immediately turn their heads. Any business man knows that they would make money if people look at something. Since these trucks are not seen regularly, seeing one in person would immediately catch the attention of people.

In this game, the idea is to get to the finish line without losing all of life bar. You do understand that you loses one of your life when that life bar goes to zero. You have three lives in this game and all of them has a life bar. To tell you frankly, the only way that you would lose a life is when your truck lands on its back and you won’t able to get up fast. That is a rare case since the truck is bouncy and it could adjust to most situations. Collect some while stuffs floating on air to gain more points. Your booster refills by itself, so don’t be shy on using it.