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Valet Parking 2

Parking a car is not easy and you should know that since you have been doing that for two years now. You have been working as a valet parker for two years. Your job entails you to drive different vehicles and make sure that all of these vehicles are parked carefully. You know that you must not make a mistake since a single scratch will be deducted on your salary. Sometimes, you might get fired for not doing your job well.

The idea here is to park as many cars as you can within the minimum time frame. Try not to hit anything while driving the cars. Soon, the customers will get out to the hotel and they will call for their numbers. Remember their numbers as you don't want to mix it. You will be paid after they get their cars back. You need to do it over and over again till the time runs out. The game gets harder and harder as there would be more cars to park as you move from one level to another. The pay would be higher, but expect more cars that you need to park carefully.

Are you up to the challenge of being a Valet Parker?