Valet Parking 3

Parking is not easy at all as you can get an accident if you are not careful enough. Car owners know this by heart and would get a goose bumps most of the time whenever they are parking. They know that they could either end up in the hospital, jail or the cemetery. Not of those things would be nice. As a newly graduate, you don't have much of a choice, so you end up as a valet parker. The pay isn't much, but it help in your expenses. You don't want to lose this job as getting another job isn't easy at all.

Run to the car as soon as you see it. You would see a number being mentioned by the owner. Remember that as that would be the parking number. Drive the car to that number and try not to hit anything as that would cause you money. If you hit anything for the third time then the game is over. Park the car as fast as you can as there would be more. After a few seconds, you would see the car owner calling you out. Go to his car and give it to him to get paid.