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Valet Parking Nightmare

If you have been one of those high class social gatherings then you would know that people there all have cars. When they arrive at the gathering, they leave their car to a personnel. That personnel is known as a valet parker. His job is to find spot where to park the car. Once, that the guest finished their business at the hall, they call the valet and would ask for their car. Of course, this is pressure for the valet since he should know where he park the car. There are many guest in such events and all of them let the valet handle their car. if the car gets scratch then they would have to pay for it.

This game lets you experience how hard it is to be a valet parker. You need to park as many car as you can within the day. Try not to forget the number to wherein the cars are park because you would need to retrieve it and drive it back to the owner. The game gets harder and harder because the cars are mounting up and you need to handle all of them one at a time.