Valet Parking Pro

You have proven yourself over and over again. Now, you are one of the valet parking attendant. The boss trust you, so much because you have been a great employee for him. Each customer that leaves the premises is happy because you are doing a great job. Parking at night is not as easy as it looks since this is the time where lots of accidents. But, the car owners are very confident that nothing like that would happen to their car since you are a pro and you know what to do when the night is up, but you need to park. Truly, you are proud of what you does and it shows on your performance.

In this game, you need to park as many cars as you can within a minimum time. However, you also need to make sure that nothing goes wrong or you would start from the beginning and that could take some time. On top of that, your time won’t be extended, so you can understand the pressure that you are going to be in this game. Drive and park the car is as little time possible since you need to park lots of car on each level.