Viking Deliveries

Viking are one of the toughest clan during the medieval era. They are feared since they are ruthless and kill most of the villager. They do it to get the valuables in that village. They live to fight and that is what they do most of their lives. They wield one of the strongest swords in history since they are always at war. If you would encounter them, it would be wise to stay away from their sight as you might not last at all. History don't have much information about them as most of the people back then prepare to stay away from them.

In this game, you would leave as a Viking during those days and you need to deliver the cargoes to its destination. You need to make sure that none of the cargoes fell. However, should some of them fell, you need to proceed with the delivery. You need to meet the required number of cargoes in order for you to unlock anew level. This game has a time restriction. The types of cargoes varies from weapon, food supply and horns. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress.

Are you ready to work for the Vikings?