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Wagon Dash 3D

In a race, the rule is simple, you just need to arrive there the first and you would win all the money in that reward pot. Well, at least most of it since you aren’t the only competitor in that race. You need to get a good position in that race for you to get some of that prize money. You won’t get it all, but a piece of that reward money would see you through for a long time. The money that you would get isn’t that big, but would surely help you in your lifestyle. You can buy a lot of things in that money, which you would enjoy for months.

As a truck driver, you are just making enough money for your family with your job. The salary is enough, but there are times that you wish that you are earning more. You got some things in your mind that you want to buy for your family. Well, that is family life for you, you need to, make your family happy as that is the essence of a family man. When you heard about the race, you know that this would solve your problem. Well, at least, if you are able to get a good position in the race, part of the reward money would help your financial problem.

In this game, the idea is to win, but you need to cross the finish line three times to do that. It is going to be hard race and you aren’t going to compete with no one like the rest of the game. You are there with three or four wagon and each one would give you a run for your money. They are very fast and it seems that they do know what they are doing. They have a better control over the vehicles, well, at least better than you. IF you are having a problem controlling the vehicle then this game would give you a hard time.