War zone Getaway 3

A small country was ruled with tyranny and the people aren’t happy with their current president because he didn’t treat them kindly. It was then that the rebel forces were made as they want some change and they could only get that through rebellion. There are four leaders to this rebellion and they all play a big role in it. When they were captured, the rebels were paralyzed. The president knows this and plans on executing the four great leader of the rebellion to make example out of them, but now is not the time since he wants to make some preparation to the public execution. It would be better if a lot of people would see it, so it got a date.

The rebels aren’t going to let this happen to their leader as they are planning to rescue them. Planning their escape, they pay some professionals to help the four leaders escape. As the main man for the job, you are given a back seat at one of the hidden vehicles. In short, the enemy didn’t know that you were there and your job is to make sure those enemies would not get close to the rescue vehicle. Those enemies would not know what hit them even before they fell drop dead on the ground. You are given some of the best guns, so you can do your job well. If things can’t be handle then you can ask for some backups from the armed forces.

The battle is fierce and really terrifying, so the rebels thought of a way that you can get some help. It turns out that there are four men that you can ask for help aside from the sharp shooters that would defend the vehicle. Each one of them are very popular and they would help you to get rid of the enemy for a short time. Their asking price is really pricey, so they must be only called upon when there are too many enemies and you can’t do it alone.

In this game, you need to defend the vehicle against the enemies.