Warzone Getaway 2

In the midst of war, a soldier relies on his buddy to cover his back. When the nation is threaten the government relies on the soldiers to solve things for them. However, when things goes worst, they rely on some special unit to save the country. These guys are the best on such situation. And they are summoned as they need to save an important person from the enemy. They are able to retrieve the hostage, but the enemies are persistent and didn't want to lose the hostage. As one of the special forces, you need to make sure that no harm will come to the truck that got the hostages. You need to shoot those enemies before they can even get close the truck.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to protect the truck from enemies. Each kill will earn you money. You can use that to buy better weapons, buddies, heal life and other things that can help you better defend the truck. There is also the reliable special air support to back you up. You need to buy better guns and better defense weapon for the truck to be able go the distance with this game.