Wheely 4: Back in Time

Wheely was minding his day, having some fun at his home till he notice that the clock is set to 8 am. He hurried and change into his working clothes and try to beat the rush hour. On his way to his work, he got an accident and his tire got flat. He know that he could not get far, so he immediately went to the repair shop. Little did he know that the guy running the shop is actually a mad scientist, who want to travel back in time. The guy put some gear on Wheely and when Wheely tried to start the engine, he was transported back in time in the age of dinosaur. Wheely knows that he need to get back in his time as he have many work to do there. This is the beginning of his new quest. The game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to find what is needed in each level. You need to figure out something in the game before you can advance. You could also find the little toy car in the game for additional life. The game has no time limit, so you don't need to do it as fast as you can.