Winter Bike Stunts

Performing stunts is really hard for a car, so you can expect that this would be much harder for a two wheeled-drive such as a bike. It is harder to balance compared to a car, but balancing won't be a problem since we are used to balancing ourselves even while walking. Balancing is not that hard since we are balancing ourselves ever since we made our first step. However, doing stunts is not that easy since it involves jumping and performing stunts while on air. Lots of stuntman are getting injured from doing that, but since it is there job, they are not complaining. Now, if you think that doing stunt is already hard, you need to be aware that some stunt men are going it on a slippery road like that of a snowy road. In this game, you need to drive and perform stunts as you drive through the road. To top it, there would be lots of obstacles along the way, making it even more harder than driving your bike in a snowy road. It is slippery, which makes it even harder than a normal stunt. The game gets even harder and much more difficult as you make some progress.