Winter Firefighters truck 2

Everyone is thinking of the holiday since it is beginning to get cold and it is harder to get up early in the morning. The snow is beginning to fall and every bodies of water is beginning to freeze. However, some people are damn too careless that they set up a fire recklessly. Eventually it got big and is out of hand. This is the time where they call your department and ask your team to dispose the fire. The fire at that time has gotten big, but the fire department need to confirm that first by sending the van to find out for themselves.

Life is not that easy for anyone working in the fire department since they need to be fit all the time. Work there is dangerous and they need to work as fast as they can. The road is covered in snow and the road is getting slippery. It is dangerous to drive in that weather, but you and your team need to get through that to get to the fire outbreak scene. The fire is getting bigger by that time, so a firetruck is disposed to put out the fire. A lot of people would be counting on you to get there.

In this game, your job is to parked the truck or van next to the fire outbreak scene. You need to parked it close to it since that is where the parking spot would be located. The road to the burning building is far and you need to drive your van or truck all the way from the fire department. You need to be fast and careful at the same time as you need to get there fast safely. The game get more exciting as you make some progress.