Wood Ranger Parking

They say that you should not take on a job if you can't do it right. Sure enough, being a wood ranger is serious and you can't take it too lightly. You need to be at your best always as the poachers aren't join around. If they can, they would kill you without hesitation simply because you are an obstacle for them to make some money from the wild life. Poaching is illegal and you need to do all your best if you would want to stop them. Sometimes, you might need to shoot them if they become harsh towards you. Of course, the first action would be to talk to them, but if that didn't work then you need to gun them down.

In this game, you are a park ranger and you need to protect the mountain against poachers, but that would come later in the game. For now, you just need to drive your jeep throughout the forest. Collect some coins while you are it and do other things that the game requires you to do. You need to park your jeep in some specific location since that it what this game is all about. Try not to damage the jeep as much as possible. In later parts of the game, you do need to kill some poachers.