Wood Rangers Parking

A wood ranger does not only make sure that the animals in the park are well protected as he also makes sure that that the trees and everything in it is healthy. Whenever there are poachers, you know who to call. They will shoot those poachers, but that doesn't mean that they are trigger happy as they just want to protect the lives of the animals living in the park. Without the animals, he knows that there won't be any job for him. That is what he does and he would definitely protect the animals as that is the duty that he got assigned to.

Drive your truck to where the arrow points to. Collect the coins that can be seen in the forest. Park your truck carefully to your business. Go where you need to go because that will enable you to advance to the next stage. If there are poachers around, make sure that you are fast enough to out shoot them. However, be wary that you can end up shooting another ranger. Make sure that the person you are shooting is not a ranger. This game is time restricted, so try to finish each level as early as possible.