Zombie Cather Havoc

No one was ready for the zombie apocalypse, but apparently, it didn't stop that from happening. It started with just one, but pretty soon the whole city was infested with walking dead. Every person that a person kills also turns into zombies. Some people fought, but it is for a losing cause since the number of zombies keeps growing. AS time flies by, people started to evacuate their home and live in the forest as they can't find hope. Fortunately, a group of scientists want to find out about zombies. They believe that they could stop the zombie infestation. They need to conduct some experiments on zombies, which means that they need someone to catch it for them.

The idea of the game is to catch the zombies and sell them to the scientist. The scientists will pay high for each zombies. Before you can start doing that, you need to park your truck, where the trailers are located. You will need the trailers as you will put the zombies there. Once, that you connect the trailers with the truck then you can hunt for zombies. All you need to do to catch them is to drive your truck through them. After that, you need to drive your truck to the lab, where the scientists are waiting for the zombies to be experimented on.