Zombie Destroyer Rush

Nobody knows what started the zombie apocalypse and people aren't ready for it certainly. People just knew that this could end all life in town, but there is one guy that is seemed to be prepared. He knows that this will come, thus, he had modified his truck in times like this. The dead rises and now, they set their eyes on the town. The guy knew that they needed to be stop from advancing to the town or there would be more zombies. He drives his truck and meet the undead head on, making sure that none of them ever reach the town.

The main idea here is not to just kill zombies, but to get as fast as you can to the finish line. Grab some coins along the way as that would add up to your points. Take note that your truck might take damage from colliding with zombies. You need to gather some momentum to kill a zombie and not take damage from it. You can use the booster to help you gain some momentum, but the booster isn't refillable. However, it would automatically refill itself at every start of a level. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress.