Zombie Disposal

The apocalypse is upon us as the dead are arising and are feeding on the living. However, mankind will not hold back and let them rule the world as mankind will fight for their lives. The zombies can still be killed if you inflict enough damage to the brain. The zombie infects other people through biting and that is something that men must watch out for when engaging these monsters. The dead has a foul odor so the living might be infected and get sick. Fortunately, that is where you come up as your job is to dispose them through burning. Men will not like to smell these rotting corpse as they get burnt, so you need to take them far away and burn them there.

Put the dead zombies at the back of your truck before driving your truck as fast as you can. Make sure that none of the zombies fell out of the truck, so you won't lose any points. There won't be anything to collect in this game, so just concentrate on driving your truck safely to the destination point. Upon reaching the destination point, use the mouse to put the zombies at the fire one at a time. The zombie will be consumed by the fire and you will get some points.